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Hello dear Liberlanders, or Liberlanders to be!


Before the launch of the InfoMerit (IM) blockchain there should be a small introduction to explain our position to people.


The need for this introduction is there because of the expected fake news that will surround the creation of our initiative.


About two months ago Vit Jedlicka wrote a Facebook message claiming that I, Yoshi Livo, would be a persona non grata in Liberland. What Vit was unaware of, is by that time I was not really focussed on Liberland, as a big scam in the Netherlands, called Florijncoin, had caught my attention. As one of the founders of the EFL Foundation I have an interest in cryptomoney with Dutch origin, unfortunately Florijncoin is in no way the cryptocoin I was hoping for, and when I shared my doubts with their community some astonishing things have happened.

To cut a long story short, a group of anonymous (Dutch) trolls had their fun with my disgust of Florijncoin, they faked the identity of the entire Florijncoin team and played a terrible game on many people. These same anonymous Dutch trolls have made local news when they treatened a farmer and his family, and because of his timing with his statement about me they are currently trolling Vit.


As can be seen in the attachment of this post, the anonymous trolls are still having their go with the identity of Antonius Aarts, but this time they are starting their conversation with Vit. I have received this messages from one of the many people Vit is showing this screenshot to and this person receives a medal for his bravery. To share a chat with the leader of the project with the person who he calls out as persona non grata is heroic and without it, it wouldn't have been possible for me to warn about the fake character that is stealing his time with lies and deceipt. Unfortunately it is not the right moment to hand this medal out just yet, but together we can create a better situation.

I really hope Vit did not give the anonymous trolls too much information that could harm Liberland, because the trolls he has been speaking with are quite ruthless and will certainly use all the information he has given them. I hope this post will show how I intend to help Liberland, even if it somehow could harm myself. Because of the way how Vit is bragging with this screenshot, I predict that his ego has caused him to generously spill any kind of negativity he could possibly share about me. The obstruction that Vit has caused me and Liberland comes to a level where we could start to speak about treason, but as can be seen in the screenshot, those kind of words will not be used untill the day in court.


It is sad to see that nobody of the Liberlanders stands up against the childish behaviour of their so called leader. It is also difficult to accept that as soon as somebody does stand up, all eyes look away. Good luck, I have to go now! Let's be clear, Vit Jedlicka, is a part of Liberland, but Liberland is much more then Vit Jedlicka. Vit Jedlicka has no power to determine if a person is allowed to become Liberlander or not, and certainly does not have the power to just take away somebodies citizenship by his will.


Life is a blessing, and I understand that better every day. I have some amazing ideas that I believe are steps that Liberland can't do without and needs to take before it can ever be recognized by the international community. At the moment these ideas are nothing more then that, it is up to Liberlanders to make them into reality. I am here to execute these steps, but I can't do that without help. So far the support has been minimal, which in some way is quite logic if Vit is telling everybody you are a seperatist, terrorist, persona non grata and so on. Too bad this is the way how Vit wants to show character, but atleast it's nice of him to let everybody know in public.


In all these difficult times I also need to mention that the support is not zero. Hodler enterprises has picked up on this story and helped develop and the InfoMerit blockchain. Unlike Florijncoin and Liberland Merit the InfoMerit coins will be directly tradable on the open market, meaning that anybody who bought or earned InfoMerit can decide to exchange them. There are also more and more delegates that join, we will release the first names of our teammembers in december. 

Let's focus on our own creation and not get distracted with all the nay-sayers. There will be many, and it's logical if you understand that Liberland will act against the interest of most people in power. It is up to us to show our competences and capabilities, IM looking forward on all the great things we are going to achieve together!

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