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22/03/2020 6:13 pm  

Letter of intent

As a preferred delegate of I understand the following:

1. My biggest contribution to is to cast my vote, once every round. I understand that blockchain can help me cast my vote and over the course of 3 years IM going to develop my knowledge to an extend that I fully understand the implications of my actions regarding my InfoMerit vote.

2. The second-biggest contribution to is to be near the soil of Liberland. I understand that when I remove myself from this geolocation indefinitely, I need to announce my plans to the community, at least 48 hours ahead of time.

3. My third biggest contribution to is to have an open and positive approach to the creation of Liberland. I understand this value can’t be quantified and balance is the aim.

4. For the Liberland Opportunity Zone, I agree that all forge rewards that collects in the voting process during the first 200 days after launch will be used for that purpose.


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