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New year, new vision  


Yoshi Livo
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04/01/2020 5:15 am  

Time goes fast, a year went by where many things happened, our website went live for example!

So many things need to be explained, so better get going.


First of all, Exactly 2 years ago the price of e-Gulden EFL peeked at 5000sat, at that time almost 1 euro each. I managed to sell it right at the top, along with many other coins and bought gold with it at a more then double the price from where btc trades at today. That year could have given Liberland some economic perspective, but it took one more year for it's first official token to emerge.

Looking back at last year there are so many highlights, but a bitter taste remains. We started off quite hopeful when some action was finally being taken to tokenize part of the Liberland economy. Gateway's where set up and succesfully tested at the end of 2018, but early 2019 investors where surprised to receive a SLP-token on the Bitcoin Cash network. With authentication true personal verification and swift action from the market was active before the 4th anniversary of Liberland on 13th of april 2019. This event was briefly mentioned, but I wasn't able to present it on the general assembly of Liberland, although this was previously agreed. Like many things with Liberland, things change while they go, but a simple sponsorship deal took from anniversary until floating man to get fully completed and the end result was shamefull. The website of also had a update, but until this day fails to authenticate it's own Liberland Merit (LLM). If Liberland is unable to recognise it's own money, how can anybody start an economy on that basis? This failure to authenticate is the reason why got created. Along with many other reasons, for example that I came in contact with Nayiem Willems, CEO of  Hodler enterprises.
This is also an event that coloured 2019 for me and wouldn't be the same without it. Nayiem saw the opportunity in Liberland and he is as much appealed by the creation of a new sovereign nation as me. Nayiem listened to my story and he offered to work together. This forum came to be and with the marketplace in mind I started to talk to the first aspired delegates to vote in the InfoMerit (IM) blockchain. Unfortunately the reaction from was below any level of decency. After the last post on this forum, about how time and resources where being wasted of the start of a court case against me, I have been muted in some extra communication channels. Extra, because other channels have been hidden from me already by blocking me out.Some people are aware, but prefer the current way. I agree that you should offer an alternative before you can start to critisize. With the rules being bend in the way they are, I can only be happy  with the current state of being, but I will feel the urgue to address the need to speak about the disappointment I often feel in my interaction with other people, that promise you their lies, knowing that they will only use anything they gain from it against you. I might be too much in the heat that I form an attraction to such practises, but it has been a repeated theme in many of my stories. 

It shows again the need for an alternative source of information regarding Liberland. Feel free to communicate with us, but as you can see, so far nobody feels the need to announce anything here, not even a question and this is where things get complicated. Regardless of his support to Liberland, Nayiem and Hodler Enterprises have customers that pay for their service. In case thousands of Liberlanders would have actively start using this forum things would have worked out different, but in this form it is of no interest to invest extra time and the time and dedication invested is already precious enough on itself. Qredit (XQR) is a DPOS blockchain with 51 delegates. Since last quarter it has the option for on-chain tokens, but these tokens are not ready for voting yet. Progress is being made and because the proposed EOS-chain has not yet been released IM not in a hurry either. We wish that we could already show you more of our vision today, but so far our support is minimal and too small. We aim to release our marketplace and vote in InfoMerit (IM) in due  time and will show our interpretation of "Live and Let Live", but to be fair, if you are portrayed as persona-non-grata to all members, why would you really bother working for people that don't want your help? To avoid the image that any of my actions come forward from an obsession I need to be able to prove that I can let go of whatever it is that IM doing. I don't want to be portrayed as the next Don Quixot but I will continue to speak out about the injustice that goes on in our world, many of which comes forward out of untruthfull beliefsystems and fear. 

So that's the current mindset IM in, with this intro, I can give a small glimpse of what I see in the future. The future is here, is what you often hear during new year's wishes, but this time those words might actually have become more real then ever. I will forever have my Dutch background, but with a recent judge ruling on environment and the way how the Dutch press announce the killing of a Iranian general by the United Stated of Amerika earlier today makes me happy I moved to a calm place where I can enjoy the beauty of nature, while living a comfortable civilized life. 

Nayiem and the Hodler team make me feel welcome since I met them. Although the delay is a downfall, the tokenised option, that still includes staking/voting, is a benefit because it completely outsourses all the technical elements off the blockchain, whilst keeping all required functionalities intact. For our team of advisors we are alway's looking for talented people that want to take part in our effort to gain control over Liberland soil. We offer you the ability to show your dedication to freedom by taking you into our - team and announce you as such on our website. 

All transactions that will take place on this website in the future will happen with InfoMerit (IM), to make this accessable to the common public we have a strategy in mind that we will roll out with the help of our ambitious #Team2020. Benefit of the InfoMerit (IM) will flow to the direct region near Liberland where we will establish and form a community of Liberlanders that show their culture to the world. Donators of will see their donations reimbursed with InfoMerit (IM).We need a lot more people to show we deserve to control our land. The initiative will be of vital importance to the creation and establishment of Liberland and it's failure to recognize that is something to worry about. We have tried to come in contact to also make donators benefit from InfoMerit, but they have so far not responded. We accept Liberland Merit as payment, like any other cryptocoin listed on, but as long as fails to authenticate the LLM token the price is under negotiation. 

People listen to the wrong people, but why would I bother mingling into things that don't make me feel good . invited me over to their side and so far it is a pleasant surrounding. I've been too hot to handle for so many projects, but this time it might work. I've been given carte blanche and full trust and support so IM ready to show them what Yoshi Livo is made off. As you could have seen in some of my youtube videos, IM about to start a new livestream channel and if you want your cryptoproject, that is listed on and has a member of the development team connected with their platform, to be highlighted in one of the episodes, then please feel free to write a comment below and this year we will make it happen.


Thank you for your interest in Liberland, I wish everybody a lot of LiberLove and success in a new year. 



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