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The Liberland’s biggest problem is not its neighborg  


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19/01/2020 6:48 pm  

This is a topic to discuss the points that are touched in this article:

Yoshi Livo
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14/02/2020 12:52 am  

Hello, and welcome to the forum sotospeak.


IM sorry for a somewhat belated responce, but it is quite a text you wrote and it takes some time to  grasp it in full. 


As the website on clearly mentions, there is only 1 Liberland Merit. This LLM is also mentioned in a tweet that refers to the exchange and that's why it highly questionable why the .org website doesn't mention the token ID of their currency.


In a recent post by you can already see the next step in the warplans of our dictator, deem as an unjust investment. Also quite funny, the propaganda channel mentions the headquarters of Liberland to be in Prague.


Please see the attachment to this comment. It is one part of one of the contracts I signed with Liberland. If talks about an upcoming tokensale and you read section 3 of this contract, knowing that the Liberland Merit SLP token is on the exchange because I managed to put the right pressure and have my promise fulfilled, 9 months later then promised, but 1 month before last years anniversary, then ask yourself, which token will be more legitimate, InfoMerit, or Vit's new and different upcoming tokensale he mentions briefly but again is not giving any detail to? 


It's articles like that which allow the damages to keep on adding up, we need accountability and elections, rather soonerr then later. has not received many donations, actually just one and it came from me, although before the start we had many pledges. It slows down the operation, because on another matter, only 20 forum members are active, or let's say it right, registered, so we just don't really make enough impact to be important. Please be patient, because progress is being made. This project is connected to ARK, in some way, because of XQR and the altilly team. ARK released a lot of upgrades this week, their price almost doubled in 5 minutes right after the news came out. It's a good sign, while we wait you can enjoy this video I made earlier today: (banner in the back has been bought with the first donation)

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