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Yoshi Livo
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09/03/2020 11:22 pm  

Hello everybody,


I made a video today and shared it around on youtube:


It's the first time I make a video about Liberland where IM not positive about the project, but as you can hear in the video, there is not much left I can do at this point, at some point you have to strike back.


That moment should have been at the moment that the InfoMerit vote goes live, which is out of my personal control. 


I still want to make clear IM confident that  our partnership with is the best option for and I believe that all technical requests that have been made can be developped by the company. In all fairness, it's not just any request I made and I am the one who is holding of minor progress to be able to launch in full force later. 


I really hope, for the sake of Liberland, a vote can be shown to Liberlanders during next anniversary week in april, but if not, then people will have an excellent excuse to visit the Liberland location at another moment.


Until further notice, people can find me on twitch where IM willing to answer every question that comes forward. IM giving away various crypto every 20 minutes IM online, also LLM SLP, the ones that the dictator couldn't steal. Hope to see you on twitch one day, waiting for a courtcase was never so much fun!





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