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03/04/2020 11:42 pm  

02-04-2020 english translation of my blog  


Today I went shopping and made a video of my coming interview with Nayiem Willems, the CEO of Altilly.comCome Sunday April 5th, at 17:00hrs Liberland time he will be my guest at my TWITCH channel. But before this moment occurs I would like to discuss today’s situation, as I realize, now more than ever, how unique the life is that I am currently living.  


On my TWITCH channel I’ll discuss how the current Corona crisis will be causing the monetary reset of the financial system. One could say that I have little respect for this deadly virus, which I jokingly refer to as  COVID-1984, and I have no respect for the draconian precautionary measures that are taken to combat this today whatsoever.  Perhaps it is karma, but all of a sudden I show all symptoms of this disease, hence this article as I feel the need to summarize 


Last Saturday Klaas Knot, CEO of the Dutch central bank, visited the studio of 1Vandaag, a daily news show on Dutch TV,  to inform the public about the economical backlash of the Corona crisis. He then told the audience what everybody else already knew, namely that the Dutch pension funds were nothing but an unsustainable myth, which Corona has now revealed as being the definitive truth.  


I had to laugh uproariously when the man said that, however this was but a bitter laughter of sorrow and regretNobody in the Netherlands knew then that their precious pensions were indeed an unsustainable fairy tale, let alone that the Dutch people understand that this is actually an absolute nightmarein realityThis is because people have been lied to all theilivesI had to laugh out loud when the man said this, but it was laughter out of pure sorrow and despair. Only recently, just in the last few years, the authorities and elite have pretended that this knowledge is commonly sharedbut saying this almost invariably leads to conflict, as the people in the Netherlands are ABSOLUTELY not aware of just how unsustainable their fairy tale is, and Klaas Knot, via his media buddies, still tries to spin and ameliorate this bitter reality. 


Fothose who do not know this (anymore), I’ve studied accountancy and I used to work with thousands, if not millions, of Euros every single day. Even though I knew where those Euros needed to be put on the balance sheets, the knowledge of what a Euro actually was never imparted or shared with meIf you then subsequently, by means of some deep INTERNET sleuthing, find out how things really are you’ll understand why this information is not readily shared. Deception and lies have spurred the development of people at a much greater pace than when such deceptions had not applied. At exactly that moment in the history of mankind I came into this world 


My parents met each other in their Teens, and they are still happy together to this very day, support each other, and this year my father is going to retire, after a long and full career, working for the same employer. A great farewell party was already thrown, but it was unfortunate that his son could not attend his retirement party. Sorry Dad, I’m just topreoccupied by my concerns with and for everybody I have met through youas these are all great people who I all wish the very best, and who do not deserve to be constantly lied to. 


Nevertheless these lies are essential to their survival, which is something one tends to ignore. If you keep holding that unpleasant mirror up the conflicts mentioned previously always occur, which makes it almost impossible to come to real and constructive solutions 


He who doesn’t listen needs to feel, which, by the way, is something that does not refer to the warm and generous upbringing that is part of my legacy. This applies to everyone, which is why I need to name and strongly defend this style of nurturing, otherwise a small group of vehement trolls will see this as an opportunity to make me suffer, through lies and deceit, for not selling my soul 2 years ago, although I had promised to do so at that time.  


For those of you who question what you are reading now, I want to make it clear that I’m just a regular guy form Breda, but that this appears to be not so obvious for the time which I was born into; the INTERNET era. Without the internet I would have simply been an accountantcontrolling millions of Euros, without ever knowing what Euros actually are, like all the people before me who also didn’t know this, just because they didn’t grow up with the INTERNET.    


As I was born in the time when the internet was developed, things went differently for me. The internet made it possible for me to read, and mull over, information stemming from people with opposing, often conflicting, interests.  One day I read the whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto. At the time I did not understand much about what he was saying, but I found it very, very interesting. I am of that age where the blockchain will greatly impact my life, even more so than the lives of my parents, who, to this very day, are not influenced by this, other than that they have a son who is crazy about the blockchain. 


The people’s relative innocence will rapidly chance from this moment onwards, as they currently -out of their involuntary quarantine- have a great deal of time to look into the story which, according to Klaas Knotis already “common knowledge”. It is also this current quarantine time that provides the legitimacy for the excuses of Klaas. Information about our money and pensions is readily available, don’t you think? However the communication channels available to those born without the internet obfuscate information in such a way that you will never be able to find the truth. Perhaps this has now changed a bit, as the boss of the bank has told us that he knew this already for a very long time, and that one has to accept losses, because of, you guessed right, Corona! 


As a scion of the first internet generation I already knew about these lies, ruses and deceptions. The first memories I can associate with this are Srebrenica, followed by the 9/11 terror attacks, Saddam HusseinGhadaffy and ISIS. This all boils down to the monetary system, but if you dare say this to people, they, who recognize a king as their head-of-state, will accuse you of being involved in vile conspiracy.   

The narrative fed to the people of the Netherlands can be easily sustainedIf a government under attack is overthrownlittle or no opposition will remain to create noise, and the truth is hidden in plain sightas everything orange is fantastic, after all!  


The King of the Netherlands is the recipient of a great heritage, which he carries as a true lion, a legacy of which the country can be really proud of. I honestly believe that I partially purport (t)his message. How else could I have afforded my personal, sometimes a bit erratic, behavior in this unique time. 


To summarizethe road from Anonymous to student protests led to an organized camping trip as a lead-up to my great opportunity where I could have expressed and realized all my thoughts. Every opportunity alsposes a risk, and I, with the current virus crisis in the back of my mind, and a lead-up to an even greater event in the not too distant future, am glad that I did not grasp all my chances, to date. Had I done so, for instance that chance of two years agoI would have lost my freedom to be a useful idiotand, due to my open-mindedness, I would not have been able to see through the lies people around me tell.  


A graphic I always bear in mind is that of the worlds population. This has grown exponentially, which means it will correct itself eventually. The Corona virus could possibly play a role here, although I have always thought that the scarcity of food would be the tipping point. The life of a typical Dutchman is characterized by an immense amount of personal trust in the government. During the last 70 years this trust has paid-off well. The main cause of this is the international NATO collaboration, which has successfully defended the oil interests in that timeframe. The risk of such trust lies in the (in)ability to cater to your own primary needs. Food is bought in supermarkets in the Netherlands, but if anything goes awry there, nobody can procure enough food for him or herself anymore. People have Jacuzzis in their gardens, but they do not (how to) grow potatoes there. And why should you if you can buy these for a nickel per sack 


As mentioned before people look at you in funny ways if you publicly voice these concerns and thoughts in the Netherlands. No one really wants to hear that these wonderful promises can probably not be kept, let alone that other people can tell them that their belief, and participation, in this dream has a nasty flip-side of death and destruction. As said, he who doesn’t listen needs to feel and that is why I was so happy that I could finally utter my thoughts with e-Gulden EFL, or at least that is what I thought.  


After its foundation e-Gulden EFL was used to provide with seed capital. Oh how the truth was deviously twisted by the founders of this coin. The 5,000 enthusiasts, who were willing to work hard on an alternative for the Eurobasically got the lid on their noses when the malicious intent of the founders became apparent.   The founders’ real intent created a lot of bad blood amongst those enthusiasts. For them it is a necessity to passively follow someone. I only recently found out that the real goal of the Dutch people is to follow, not lead.  In the past 70 years they’ve subsequently lost the ability to express their creativityand for that they need someone to show them the pathWhat joy that initial community had when they could change to NLGThey transferred hundreds, if not thousands, of BTC to Rijk Plasman, during various campaigns. No wonder that he wanted to start a cryptocoin of his own, seeing how easy it is to bamboozle Dutchmen out of their hard-earned moneyNLG is a coin that he now discards himself, with a new initiative, which again requires thousands of investment Euros which will be coughed up by gullible fools who wish to follow the great leader faithfully. 


Other than the sad story of NLG where, for the sake of marketing, people were bombarded with, at best, half truths, as to bleed their wallets as dry as possible, many such initiatives were launched, most of which have long since dissipated.  Do you, perchance, remember the warning I posted on my blog website about Florijncoin? Wellit probably wont surprise you to learn that we are still awaiting the fulfilment of the magnificent promises by the team of racketeers behind this coin.  


As a born Dutchman I look with sad eyes on how our common wealth is gradually siphoned out of our small nation, but I can but only hold up a mirror, time and time againfor people to look into, which doesn’t earn me much gratitude. Even worse, again at a crucial moment in time tor the EFL, the team has chosen to shut me out because of my strong opinions. Thus the IEO of EFL on Folgory threatens to become a total dud, and I fear that the developers of EFL may use this as an argument, over timethat continuing with this project makes no further sense. Congratulations to all people who’ve tried to wipe this coin of the map, from the day that the original EFL developers rudely punctured the dream onwards. For them 2019 was an extraordinarily successful year, and 2020 has not started badly either.  


And who are those peopleLet’s say that at least 10 times more people try to destroy EFL than that there are people who try to make this coin a great success. 

I recognize a number of ideological grouplets there, to mention the first, once futureless group, of themthe X.Coin maximalists. 


Whether this concerns Bitcoin Core, BSV or Bitcoin Cash, or even another coin  (however the 3 I mentioned here are in possession of a lot of these maximalists), there are a number of sad individuals who think that only 1 crypto coin will remain in the future. That the global economy is way too complex for just 1 blockchain is something that they do not mentally registerfor now that 1% of the world’s population has only heard of the blockchain, let alone whether they have used or understood any of it, these technical whizz-kids shout howonderful everything works.  Which makes sense, in a rather skewed way, as only a handful of enthusiasts uses the blockchain. 

The, often above-average, technical know-how of this group is well compensated by their lack of economical insights, but they feel that economics is but an arcane art, certainly not science, and yes, if you never move your coins and do not believe in anything but this holy coin, you have certainly done well since 2009, and that’s what counts.  

I’m sorry to have to state thisbut I consider X.Coin maximalists to be an absolute impediment to the development of cryptocurrencies. Not only do they limit their contribution to the crypto landscape by staunchly adhering to just 1 coinbut they are just as tenacious as the finance sector is in trying to demolish the alternatives to fiat money that we, as a crypto community, are trying to introduce  

In December of 2017 a Bitcoin transaction came at a cost of 50 Euros. The lightning network should change this according to the Bitcoin Core maximalists, but it will not have a sufficient capacity and it relies on trusting a third-party. With BitcoinCash things are not that much betterand BitcoinCash maximalists fail to acknowledge the risks the global economy will be subject to if only 1 blockchain would exist, where the entire economy will take place, and they even think that, if the entire world were to use their blockchain to manage the burgeoning social media, that they can process all that data easily and seamlessly  


Each adhering to their own opinions, these parties continuously utter negative statements about all other existing blockchain initiatives. Recently there was a publication following this line, by the hand, but one can also think of the April’s Fool joke by the largest bitcoin merchant in the Netherlands, These are all parties that seriously throw around their weight amongst the public, in order to propel the fairy tale of how Bitcoin would be the perfect investment, so to speak, ignoring the fact that the coin’s technical specifications demonstrate enormous shortcomings, which theseoften spurned and ridiculedalternatives are actually trying to solve!  


About 3 to 4 years ago I came to the conclusion that I needed real proof to sustain my thoughts. That I, personally, could not deliver this proof to the Dutch was already clear by then, as the Dutch crypto landscape is hopelessly divided, and no one seems to be willing to subscribe to my opinion that the blockchain offers the needed technical progress all by itself.  "It’s all about the technology” people often saybut they actually mean that the current blockchain technology does not suffice. Au contrairethey state that all sorts of functions and features need to be developed, things that are actually superfluous for and to the Dutch. For me it is of paramount importance to sustain our common wealth for a longer period of time, and for that we do not need all sorts of whistles and bells, we simply need consistency and a dedicated, loyal team. The impending failure of fiat will do the rest, but for that latter opinion, fiat will fail, the financial institutions employ numerous moles to ensure that this message is completely subdued. Should you dare to postulate such an opinion you’ll have to be carefulas each and all things will be used to destroy you verbosely by means of blatant lies and fake news, whole teams are working around the clock for this.  


I thought I could finally come up with the proof in Liberland. As it turned out I could not find any supporters there, unfortunately, as the country is suffering under a dictatorship, and the followers of the dictator are afraid their dream will disappear in smoke if they do not blindly follow him. As said I was prepared to sell my soul to Liberland, but even though they could benefit from my energy, I’m glad that the dictator’s ego stood in my way of delivering the much needed proof. In hindsight I was too naive at that timelooking at the world through pink glasses. Up to six weeks ago I never publicly expressed myself negatively with regard to the Liberland dictatorship, but, after publishing my plans for the futurevalue in the order of 50,000+ Euro worth was stolen from me, by the same dictator, who has always said that participating in his project means that the power of the state will not be used to steal from people.  How contradictory can your life becomeI feel sorry for the man, who has to weave many lies through his life in order to justify his existence.  


Currently we are 2 days away from what I see as the big announcement for an alternative to the dictatorship. I have come up with a system that is currently being developed, with the help of  Nayiem Willems, to propose an alternative voice in and for the Liberland system. A huge amount of work is needed to properly explain everything and, as soon as this system is introduced,  I will be extremely busy explaining all the steps, hence today’s articlebecause I do need to report that there is a real risk that things will go completely wrong. My dependence on Nayiem’s cooperation is momentarily way too high, but my past choices have brought me to this place now.    


Soon, within 2 days (!), I’ll know a little more on what my physical status is, and I am pleased to report that the writing of this message does me a world of good. That my messages are currently being deleted by team members of Nayiem, as purportedly being spam, I take for granteda proper explanation is on its way after all!  


Up to now I have done everything by myself, and what great experiences has brought this to my life. I could have certainly made even more noise, but my shoulders cannot carry that much weightEven to this very day there is barely any support for carrying out the message called Yoshi Livo, Your Children Live On, YOLO + YCLO = [ 🙂 + <3 ]² 


Who knows how this year will end. Things are finally getting exciting, so let’s hope this virus will not wipe me off the map. Maybe one has to be glad to die before the real chaos begins. Although this way of dying may not be the most comfortable one, it is at least a natural death. Death doesnt scare me, which is why I probably don’t understand why all these elderly peopleliving in their special care centers, need to be saved. If I were to start a family, after this chaos, I sincerely hope that my family will take care of me until the day I die. After all we need to share life together, without sacrificing this in order to feed our greed with thing we do not really need. If I can provide in my basic life needsand have a roof over my head, then I live on a paradisiacal planet Earth, which I’ll enjoy every single day, even more so after the chaos, in ways I currently can’t even imagine.  I hope I live to see this, and that people, who currently turn their backs at me, for whatever reason, will survive as well, so they can finally understand what I've been trying to tell them for years. 

The coming years anything in the world can become a new reality, which is the starting point I have already acknowledged from the very beginning. Let’s start really doing something about this, instead of looking at this from the edgeas with the things yet to come, the coming time really counts doubly!  


Ps. I would like to humbly thank all people for reading this story attentively. I know that there are people who do have my back and support me, and that the story I’ve chosen to tell is anything but simple. Together we’re strong and I think that, to this date, EFL is still the best way to channel that force.  The listing of EFL on the PayPal of crypto,, may have been misinterpreted by the development team, which does paint a somewhat odd picture for/in the market, but the integration is there, which means that an important new partner can handle worldwide payments with the Dutch Bitcoin as a globally accepted currencybut this does not really concern me, of course. For years now I have paid my dues with EFL, worldwide. 



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